How Do I Use Quick Connect On Android Phone

How Do I Use Quick Connect

The Quick Connect is new feature in Samsung Galaxy smartphones and also in tablets.It allows you to search easily and connect Smartphones using by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Connect to Quick Connect

  1. From Any Samsung Smartphone Slide down your finger from the top of screen.

2. This will either be quick connect or search phone or scan for nearby devices. Appear slightly differently depending on your Smartphone model or operating system.

3. Is the your first time you use Quick Connect you may be prompted to update it or enable it.

4. It Depend on your Smartphone model and operating system, you will see a list of nearby devices or Select Scan for nearby devices.

5.Now Select the device you want to connect. You can see the device is connecting to a smart TV.

Congrats Your Smartphone is connected to Smart TV Enjoy Now.