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Moto Maxx Flashing Guide with RSD Flash Tool

In this article, you will learn to use RSDLite flash tool to unbrick any Motorola device and flashing stock firmware on your Moto Maxx. RSDLite is one of the reliable flashing tool which is being used by mobile repair personals out there, and if you are facing issues with your Moto Maxx then you should try flashing stock ROM on it with RSDLite flash tool.

Is my Moto Maxx bricked?

RSDLite flashing tool will help you to flash Moto Maxx official stock ROMs, custom ROMs on your Motorola devices running on Android operating system. If by chance you are experiencing some issues with your Moto Maxx like the device not being able to boot up, or isn’t been able to access the recovery mode or download mode on your Moto Maxx device, you might got your device in hard bricked mode.

How to fix bricked Moto Maxx devcie

If your Moto Maxx device is bricked, then bitter part is that you can’t do anything about it for example, factory reset, no access to download mode or recovery/fastboot mode. Last thing to fix bricked Moto Maxx devcie is flashing blankflash partition file over your Android Motorola device.

How to Unbrick Moto Maxx with Blankflash

To fix Moto Maxx with Blankflash you need the following pre-requisites to follow:

  • All Qualcomm chipset based Moto devices will have Qualcomm mode (just like download mode, recovery mode) if it turns into hard bricked, accessible through 'Qualcomm download mode'
  • First thing's first, make sure to install Qualcomm drivers on your PC
  • Connect your Moto Maxx device's with PC after installing proper USB drivers (to see if your device is connected, try looking under Device Manager)
  • Now, do this → Hold volume down and power buttons till you see in connect under ports.
  • connection smartphone with device
    Windows Device Manager shows Quacomm Driver working in connected state
  • Download for Moto Maxx device online
  • From the file you will find 'blank-flash.bat' file
  • Moto Maxx device should be able to boot into fastboot now
  • Moto Maxx is ready to be flashed via RSDLite Flash Tool with your stock firmware (stock ROM) or any custom ROM i.e., CyanogenMod ROM or LineageOS ROM

How to soft bricked Moto Maxx devcie

If you think that your Moto Maxx devcie is soft bricked then you should follow how to flash stock ROM on Moto Maxx devcie as soon as possible. Signs that your Moto Maxx devcie is might be soft bricked are as follows:

  • Moto Maxx device can said to be in soft bricked state when it is stuck in boot loop, animation screen, touch-screen hangs, or not start up at all
  • But on the other hand, you can perfectly access your Moto Maxx device's recovery mode, fastboot mode and download mode
  • Yes, Moto Maxx is soft brikced if any of he above symtoms do exists
  • But, nothing is to be worried about, you can recover your Moto Maxx device if it is soft bricked
  • Your Moto Maxx device just needs its official stock ROM to be flashed with RSDLite flash tool

Pre-requisites to before flashing Moto Maxx:

  • Please check, your battery must be charged up to 70% before flashing it
  • Take your device's data backup, in case of any flashing error
  • Download RSDLite flash tool for flashing stock ROM on Moto Maxx
  • Please install Qualcomm drivers if you haven't already to fix USB driver errors (Also official Android ADB USB Driver)
  • Lastly, download your Moto Maxx stock ROM firmware file (Scatter file + files to be flashed) with RSDLite flash tool

How to flash official firmware on Moto Maxx with RSDLite Flash Tool

You will be able to flash your Moto Maxx with RSDLite flash tool from the step by step tutorial below:

  • Download Moto Maxx stock ROM firmware file
  • From the pre-requisites section above, install RSDLite Tool on your PC
  • RSDLite Setup Wizard / Installation proces of RSDlite in Windows 10
    RSDLite Setup Wizard / Installation proces of RSDlite in Windows 10
  • Let's begin
  • Power off your Moto Maxx device using power button (then choose power off)
  • Reboot Moto Maxx it into Android's fastboot mode (Press Power + Volume down buttons at the same time)
  • fastboot flash mode screen on Moto G4
    how to enter fastboot flash mode in Motorola devices
  • It's time to connect your Moto Maxx device with your PC using USB cord
  • Run RSDLite flash tool in PC
  • Now, click on the 3-dotted button from software interface to select Moto Maxx Android Stock Firmware OS file
  • 3-dotted button from RSDLite software interface
    3-dotted button from RSDLite software interface
  • Please choose the correct stock ROM firmware file
  • Choose the right flashing file RSDLite
  • It will take some time after you click on "start button”.
  • Be patient please, Moto Maxx while stock Rom is being flashed / installed
  • Once completed, unplug the Moto Maxx device from USB cord and reboot it

Congrats, your Moto Maxx device is now updated with official stock ROM firmware file and you have fixed soft brick issue completely. If you have any problem while following up on how to flash Moto Maxx with RSDLite flash tool step by step tutorial, please comment we would love to help.

If you are trying to flash your Moto Maxx device then I would like to suggest you to try using Smartphone flash tool (aka SP Flash Tool). SP flash tool is great flashing tool for Android. You can use this tool to flash almost any MTK (Mediatak IC) based smartphone. Try flashing any custom ROMs, stock ROMs on your Moto Maxx Android smartphone.

SP flash tool is best firmware flashing tool available online whether it is custom ROM or stock ROM. Using SP Flash Tool, you can flash Moto Maxx Android device (but make sure to check if it is based on Mediatek IC). Flash any custom or stock ROM over Moto Maxx Android device. Also, do make sure that you have installed Moto Maxx USB drivers properly on your PC before flashing any firmware file.

Find your Moto Maxx USB drivers by using search below:

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Pre-requisites before flashing Moto Maxx:

  • Battery should be charged up to 70%
  • Make sure you have Moto Maxx's USB cord available
  • Download and install SP Flash tool in PC
  • Since, SP flash tool we need to install MediaTek USB drivers
  • Download Moto Maxx firmware file (Scatter file + files to be flashed)
  • Last but not the least, you need to take your device backup (for safety reasons)
  • Once you have all the things ready above, follow the rest of flashing tutorial

Steps to flashing Moto Maxx using SP flash tool

Follow the steps below to flash Moto Maxx with SP flash tool:

  • Install SP FLASH TOOL in PC - Step 1
    Download & install spflashtool.exe:

    Download SP flash tool, spflashtool.exe

  • Download flash recovery image Step 2
    Download flash recovery image:

    FLashing is not easy, it take time and patience. To flash Moto Maxx, make sure you have flash recovery image ready for your device model.

  • Moto Maxx flashing tutorial with SP Flash Tool - Step 3
    Load scatter file:

    Click Scatter Loading (Load Scatter file of Moto Maxx).

  • 4
    Uncheck all boxes :

    Now, you should uncheck all boxes from SP flash tool

  • 5
    Load Recovery Image:

    Tick-box, Go to / click RECOVERY box from list and load recovery image of your Moto Maxx device (load image from the separate window -->open)

  • 6
    Recovery box must be CHECKED:

    Recovery box is checked before you connect your Moto Maxx, in recovery image location (uncheck all other boxes)

  • 7
    Turn off and connect Moto Maxx with PC:

    Turn off Moto Maxx and connect it with PC

  • 8
    Click Download button:

    After connecting your device with PC, just click download button on top

  • 9
    Step #9, click yes:

    If it ask click “yes”

  • 10

    Congrats! You have successfully flashed your Moto Maxx device

Disclaimer: Please follow the flashing tutorials on your own risk.


If SP flash tool prompts green circle, you are done. Moto Maxx have been flashed using SP flash tool.

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